Quad Biking in Tuscany Italy


ATV Bike Excursion in Maremma Toscana


For many years we have worked in cooperation with a Sport Association located in Montieri called 75esima Avventura.com.

In addition to archery, off-roading trips, canoe trips, adventure camps etc., Simone and his team offer Quad-bike trips.

The Quad-bike, or better known as an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), has only become available in Italy over the last few years, yet passion for this sport has grown rapidly. The Quads have 4 stroke engines, two-seats, 330 cc engine capacity, automatic gear change and reverse gear. These vehicles are very safe for all types of excursions on any type of terrain. They are quiet and comfortable. A quad excursion is a very invigorating experience.

You will always be accompanied by a guide who is there to provide the correct means of assistance and saftey precautions. This allows even beginners to learn to drive a quad and experience this unique adventure.

The off-road vehicles feature two large seats and are an adequate distance from the ground, allowing one to face demanding passages with peace of mind. Try it!!