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18.06.17: Theater "Gavorrano Solidale": At the Rock Theater, an extraordinary evening is being held to help the earthquake. Music, tastings and shows. The aim is to raise funds for the population of Pievebovigliana in the province of Macerata, one of the municipalities affected by the earthquake of Central Italy. There is a protagonist at The Rocks Theater between music, shows and tastings one evening. All this is "Gavorrano Solidale", the initiative promoted and organized by the Municipality with the patronage of the Tuscany Region and the Province of Grosseto and the collaboration of the associations of the territory. The evening begins at 6 pm and opens with the health of the authorities followed by the historic Court of the Countess Jump and the demonstration of the rescue of the Crusader units of the Red Cross. The program then features theatrical performance "All Down on the Ground - Reflections and Memories of the Earth That Shakes" with the company "Earth of Scasso Cultural Fusions" and the concert of "The Seventh Wave", cover band Officials of the Nomads. During the evening there will be open gourmet stands where you can taste the wines and typical products of the area and the Metallifere Hills.


28/8/16: FESTIVAL OF VIOLET: Come to the closing concert of the Festival of violets in the church of San Biagio in Gerfalco !. Students and Teacher Biordi will capture the nostalgic sound of the viola. The entrance is free.


8/8/16: THEATRE ROCKS: The Fellowship Katzenmacher Alfonso Santagata brings to the stage "Caliban Moneymaker" to mine in the town of Gavorrano Ravi Marchi for the 2015 Festival.


8/8/16: Vox Mundi Festival Follonica: With the Balkan Festival of Baro Drom Orkestar ends Saturday, August 8 the eighth edition of Vox Mundi Festival, which this year took place in the city of Follonica with great success and critics. In the central square in the sea Baro Drom Orkestar presents "Power Gipsy Dance", an explosive mix and engaging that combines tradition and innovation. In the Romani language, Baro Drom means "long journey". And traveling perennial is the music of Baro Drom Orkestar, which in its repertoire mixes Balkan rhythms, gypsy, klezmer and Italy South. All played with a training atypical: electric violin, accordion and a solid rhythmic base consists of bass electric and battery changed. A concert for dancing from start to finish, with the songs from the last album. Vox Mundi Festival is sponsored by the city of Follonica and is part of the festival of excellence of Tuscany as part of the network "The Festival of the Maremma"


20/7/16: "Laughter is Good," the Etruscan Calidario Terme: In the next round of Monday, the journalist Marie Antoinette Schiavina will be flanked by two exceptional people: Paola Pasqui and Pino Strabioli. The terrace becomes a stage of Calidario fun thanks to the irony and humor of the two guests with their experience as television and stage actors and directors, will entertain guests at the sound of laughter. It will be a happy evening, which demonstrates how you can deal with important issues in a fun and light-hearted.


7/3/16: CLASSICAL CONCERT: Do not miss this concert will be held at the theater at sunset Natural Cave of Roman in the Natural Reserve of Cornate and Fosini. After a free walking or bike tour and a small tasting of local products the most beautiful arias of Italian opera resound in this unique setting. 24/4/15: International Choral Festival in Tuscany: For the first time in Tuscany and Florence, the "Amabile Coeur de Tarbes", a unique event in two dates: Friday, April 24, 2015 at 20.30 in Campi Bisenzio and Saturday, April 25, 2015 same time a Signa. The group, composed of sixty singers, features a classical repertoire that both secular and religious experience of over 25 years. A musical emotion not to be missed, in the two evocative scenes of the Parish of San Lorenzo in Signa and in that of Santo Stefano in Campi Bisenzio.


8/4/16: THEATRE FOR CHILDREN in Monterotondo: "Codamozza the Cat" by a history of The Arabian Nights: A technique used Snowmen foam / fabric and actor The protagonists of this story are Codamozza the cat, a mouse a porcupine and a dog, a small cozy den and a wood on the outskirts of the city. As they did cats become pets? To tell the protagonist that one stormy night, had gone in search of a little mouse. His grandfather taught him to sniff the smell of small eater of cheese in the corners of the basement of his house ... and so walked and sniffed so that eventually came into a forest.