Festivals around Montieri

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8/25/16: PARTY IN ANCIENT ROME CALIDARIO TERME ETRUSCHE Venturina: Take part in the fifth edition of the festival Ancient Rome!  An evening in which all the participants will be screened in the past, in the splendor of Ancient Rome and during which they will revive the uses, customs and traditions of Republican and Imperial Rome this year, thanks also to the intervention of a whole famous theatrical group Will make the reconstruction and setting of scenes even more realistic and suggestive. Exquisite figures, mighty soldiers and centurions, shavings of Roman women, thieves, majestic horses, senators, pretorians, and gladiators in the fight will meet the participants in dresses of the time.The reenactment will screen all guests back in time where you will relive the great Roman Emperors. The protagonists of that time will be the senators, the Praetorians, centurions and gladiators. It will be an evening of culture and entertainment, where everyone will be dressed in the clothes of the time. You can measure your skills with ancient games, be enchanted by the light music and talented jugglers. Horses and riders will retrace the streets.


18.10.16 .: Montieri quad is the event that takes place every year on the penultimate Sunday in October to coincide with the Chestnut Festival organized for 30 years by the Football Montieri.


04/10/16: XXXII CHESTNUT FESTIVAL in Montieri: Sunday 4, 11 and 18 October await stalls, tasting chestnuts and typical products, new wine, music, traveling, and football games. Sunday 11 there will also be a gathering of vintage cars and on Sunday 18 a rally of mountain bikes and quads.


12.09.16.: WINE TASTING: The fifth edition of the Tour of Wine will be held on September 12 in the cellars of the medieval village of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, an event organized by ASD Castelnuovo with the sponsorship.


04.09.16: MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL: Come to the twenty-first edition of the revamped and renowned Medieval Festival in the Castle of Signa! A lot of news this year, starting dall'allestimento of a real medieval camp in the garden, complete with tents, braziers, bivouacs of armed soldiers. And also duels courteous, woo, exchanges of fencing, Renaissance dances and many specialties can be enjoyed in medieval inn Medieval! Will stage the Palio of the Archers: Peoples of Signa will contest the Palio, he painted this year by the painter Mara Fagg. In the village you will find a medieval market, traveling animation, fire juggling, representations in medieval costume and many food stalls! Saturday highlight: the 'Fire of the North Tower, fireworks show that draws the historical event of the rejection of the armed militias of Gian Galeazzo Visconti as part of the castle signesi: a real siege to the Castle that will end with the Fire!


29.08.16: DAY OF RESISTANCE in Travale: Saturday from 16 onwards is waiting a day to remember and celebrate the strength of this land, with the intervention of Katia Taddei, the delivery of the plates to the partisans, theater, opening of Monument to the Resistance, dinner and concert in the square of the Bandits of Maremma.


18/07/15: Party Ancient Rome: The Feast Ancient Rome is a historical event that has already entertained for three consecutive adults and children. Friday Calidario is transformed for one day and returns to its origins: the structure is fully set up like a rich province of Ancient Rome, with marble columns, elegant drapes, braziers and stretchers. There will be maids, horse riders, slaves and gladiators who will entertain guests with their fights. You can attend games and stonings, there will be the nectar of the gods served by Bacchus, there will emperors and philosophers. Everything will be in the field, from the clothes of staff to those guests who wish to participate in the appointment of the highlights of summer Terme Etruscan.


12.07.15: WHITE NIGHT IN MASSA MARITTIMA: they expect MUSIC, WINE TASTING, STALLS, MUSEUMS OPEN and tunnels VISIT TO THE SOURCES OF PLENTY. Please obtain rubber boots. 6/26/15: Magical Summer at Calidario Terme Etruscan: Join the Party Home Summer at Calidario Venturina. It will be a whole evening in Black & White to celebrate the beginning of a summer-style magic. Entrance to the festival costs € 23,00 per person with welcome drink, live music with dinner and grand finale of the evening with Florio T.Dj. on the terrace of the most famous Val di Cornia. You can also take advantage and come to bathe in the Natural Spring before the party.


12/06/15 Arno Stream Fest: A weekend in which the food will be the focus of attention of all lovers of good food. Three days in which the heart of Signa become a showcase in the open all the Italian regional culinary delights. There will be stands with street foods more traditional and genuine that belong to the culinary traditions of our country, an invitation and a stimulus to the promotion of food as culture and particularly the street food like winning format as "sums up in a bag" history and traditions of each region of Italy, to discover and enjoy with your hands, not only the palate.


09.05.15: FESTIVAL PRUGNOLO Montieri on Saturday 9 and Sunday, May 10: You will find culinary delights and music traveling and you can participate in a walk in search of Blackthorn, mushroom prized spring. From cheese to the liquor, via meat dishes, everything is based Blackthorn! The festive setting is complemented by craft market and local products and tours to celebrate the start of summer.



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