Maremma and Tuscan food

Dishes of the Maremma


The Maremma offers many typical products traditional to the area. Visitors from across the globe are still discovering these local flavors, appreciated by all who venture to try them.

From main dishes, to puddings, to fantastic fish and meat dishes, the Maremma cooking is characterized by local products of high quality which come from the surrounding region.

The animals produce fine quality milk for making cheese and other diary products, and there are many beef and pork livestock farms that provide locals with their traditional meats.

And we must not forget the wine! Prized wines such as Pitigliano white and Morellino di Scansano red come directly from local farms to your table.

To appreciate this land is important to know and be especially careful to grasp its strong flavors and sweet, fragrant and determined and all it has to offer. In this scenario it is easier to talk about food and wine, because it is made of simple and genuine products from their exalted tastes still intact, more than ever appreciated today. The Maremma cuisine has maintained a tradition addressed to the goodness of the recipes of the past and has become an art that produces endless variety of typical dishes.

From a land of hunters the most tasty recipes based on wild boar, hare and pheasant; but we also find the fish with a delicate and vigorous at the same time; Then there are soups and garlic breads to celebrate the olive oil, with the countless cheeses and wines. Among the great values expressed by this land they are, in fact, especially the excellent wine and oil products. Accompany the typical dishes of the Maremma fine wines D.O.C. that highlight the unique flavors of an unforgettable culinary tradition. There are many food and wine tours that Maremma offers to connoisseurs or visitors.

You can walk the pleasant Wine Roads: the "Colli di Maremma 'with one of the red wines of Tuscany principles such as Morellino di Scansano; the "Montegregio-Massa Marittima" with new expressions of the wine of the Maremma and, the latest addition to capacity, that of Montecucco with the unique flavors of a wine born on mountain slopes, not to mention that of the Morellino di Scansano.



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