Horseback Riding in Tuscany Italy

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Horse riding and Horse Holidays in Maremma Toscana


Discover Maremma Tuscany, the most famous horse region of Italy! The "Alta Maremma Toscana" is one of the less populated areas of Italy and therefore ideal for trail riding and horseback riding holidays. The breadth of the unspoilt nature never ceases to amaze all visitors. Our place caters to experienced trail riders as well as to beginner riders who want to get into horse riding and become not only a rider but a horse person. Choose from lessons, short leisurely rides, half trail rides or spend the whole day or even a full week exploring the countryside of Tuscany from horseback



Experience the beautiful and nearly untouched nature of Tuscany on the back of one of our serene horses with a lot of stamina. You can book your preferred program before arrival or you can agree to the next day's activities with our guides every evening. We ride half-day and all-day tours every day all season long. Normally the groups consist of four to eight riders. Even rides for one person are no problem for us, and during a week's riding holiday you will never do the same ride twice. In the summer months we start our trail rides at ten o’clock in the morning.


Our region, 700 meters above sea level, offers pleasant climate and a fresh breeze also in July and August, when it too hot for horseback riding in most places in Italy. The most common path on trail rides in hilly area is of course the walk. This is not fast riding country, but there is so much to look at that speed is not an issue. Our horses (see description!) are very reliable and react with calmness also to unexpected events. Relaxed horse riding surrounded by fantastic nature is guaranteed. Nevertheless, experienced riders will have the possibility to trot and canter on every half or full day ride. You will follow trails through meadows and woodland. The views over endless landscape will fascinate you. You will visit abbeys, romanesque ruins, farms and medieval villages. At lunch time a lavish picnic including several courses will be served in a natural, especially beautiful or culturally interesting location. Of course also non riders, companions, bikers, cyclists or hikers can join the daily picnic lunches and enjoy delicious food, make new friends and have lots of fun.


If you decide to go on a full-day ride (four to five hours in the saddle), you will be back at the stables in the late afternoon. If you prefer a half day ride, you will ride to the picnic lunch and return to the hotel with our picnic bus. Your horse will come back to the stables with another rider who preferred to ride in the afternoon. In this way the half day riders can share the same experiences and breath-taking landscapes with the riders who ride the whole day. On request, we organise also half-day tours returning to the stables at lunchtime. During a week long riding hoIiday, we usually reserve one day for other activities. You can make your own plans, visit Siena or Massa Marittima, have a day at the beach or book an additional day of horseback riding. Our guides coordinate the programme for the next day with all the guests in the evening at dinner time. Nevertheless, please inform us by mail - how often you approximately want to ride and how much experience you have. The availability of horses for riders of more than 90 kg/ 200 lb can be confirmed on request.



Discovery Week: The First Steps for Beginner Riders


The first time sitting on a horse is an exciting experience unlike any other. Forming a relationship strong enough to understand one of these amazing animals is truling something special. At the Hotel and Trail Riding Center Prategiano, we give you the guidance and opportunity to become comfortable with the beginning steps into the equestrian world.


After only a few hours of riding lessons, you will learn the basic rules of riding a horse.  This will give you the self-confidence you need to be ready for your first real trail ride. You will quickly learn to trust the quiet temperament of our horses. During your equestrian vacations, the correct combination of lessons and outings is individually structured. Each evening your instructor will discuss the next day's lesson or trail ride with you. However, we ask you to let us know in advance by email - - how much riding experience you have and how much you want to ride approximately. The availability of horses for riders with a weight of over 90 kg/ 200 lb can be confirmed only on request.



Rates for horseback riding
  • Lesson (45 minutes) or walking trail (1 hour):
  • Half-day trail ride (2 - 2 1/2 hours):
  • Full-day trail ride ( 5 hours):
  • Package Discovery week (10 hours):
  • Package Half-Day Rides (5 days half day: 2–2 1/2 hours in the saddle):
  • Package Full-Day Rides (5 days all day: 4-5 hours in the saddle):
  • Package Trail Ride (5 days all day: 4-5 hours in the saddle):
  •   25 Euro
  •   50 Euro
  • 100 Euro
  • 220 Euro
  • 220 Euro
  • 220 Euro
  • 440 Euro
  • 540 Euro


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