Our horses in Maremma Tuscany

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Ideal horses for your horse holiday in Toscana Italy


There is sure to be a horse that suits you from one of our 15 Maremma horses - the typical warm blood horses of Maremma Tuscany - and Maremma cross-breeds and other races: large, small, young, playful, patient and quiet. All are sturdy, reliable and experienced horses. Their overall will to survive in the earlier wilderness of the Maremma Toscana has created a strong warm-blooded race and ideal trail horses. They are perfect partners for you horse holiday in Tuscany.


To this day, the horses at our stables and in many regions in Italy live on huge paddocks with meadows and woods all year long. Friendships and an organized hierarchy mark the life of our horses. Through the security of the herd, they develop a strong, quiet character. They are experienced with difficult land conditions, allowing us relaxed horse riding without strong aids, in English or trail saddles, and on a loose rein. Below we present you some of our horses:






The 173 cm high, 14 year old, Nikita is a real Maremma beauty! This strong, experienced and gentle mare will turn your trail ride into an unforgettable experience. Thanks to her smooth and long movements you will feel like flying over hills, green meadows and crystal clean rivers. She is a passionate guide horse, and best friend to her younger sister Taiga, both daughters of the famous Maremma Stallion "M. Felix.





Juliano is a small horse with characteristic white appaloosa spots on his stern. Depite his young age of  6, he is extremly calm, brave and easy going.  Everybody enjoys riding him including our guides. He is very generous in forgiving riders' mistakes and therefore he is suitable also to the scarcely experienced rider. Children of all ages like to have lessons with him.





You will immediately notice this beautiful black, 170 cm high, 10 year old mare. She is the boss of the herd, a position which guarantees a permanent standing place at the best rolls of hay. Dispite her litte overweight shape, she is very agile and fast. Being a daughter of the famous stallion "M. Lasco", she represents the modern improved pure Maremma breed. She is a perfect guide horse and has been trained also for dressage. 





For his brown-white appaloosa colour he became favourite especially among our youngest riders. But colour is not the only great thing about him. He is a very patient and relaxed riding partner and keeps his calmness in any siutation. At the same time he likes also a fast trot or canter and is therefore loved also by experienced riders. He is always eager to start the trail and deserves all your hugs!





Oli is the slim black lady of our herd. She has a light body constitution and is 7 years old. With her big black eyes she is always looking around, making sure that her friends are close to her. She does not like to stay alone or be a leader of a group. She is a very nice horse for any rider who likes a faster path as well as for those who just begun their riding career. 





Pintora is a the white horse of our stable. She was born in Spain as a Lusitano and then brought to Tuscany. For her energetic and curious character she is a great horse for experienced riders. Her movements are very soft and comfortable. She is a passionate guiding horse, very brave and sensitive. After coming to our stable she fell in love with Juliano so they share a field together. A Lusitano might not be typical for Maremma Tuscany, but you will love this beautiful mare with a height of about 155 cm.





Taiga is a very beautiful 7 year old and 175cm Maremma mare and if you look for her in the yard she will always be side by side with her older sister Nikita. She has very comfortable walk and nice movements. Always attentive she secures the back of our trail groups. She keeps her young spirit and never ending energies preferably for experienced riders. But also with her, you will enjoy the amazing views over  Tuscany in a relaxed way. 





Hurricane is, in contrast with his name, a calm, careful and gentle pure Maremma gelding. He was born in 2008 and has a gallop "light as feather".  For his good dressage base he became favourite horse for advanced riders who enjoy his comfortable movements. He is a good, strong, tireless guide horse with a height of about 162cm and dark brown coat. 





Alfio is one of our smallest horses (155 cm) and  a 5 year old "horse teenager" and "wanna-be boss". He is a little macho, who knows he is handsome and acts accordingly. He is very curious about all the world, likes to make new friends and to taste  new flavours. His funny behaviour makes  him a favourite and beloved riding partner. Alfio asks for relaxed, patient but determined rider with sense of humor in exchange for his reliability, calmness and comfortable path.





The chestnut colored mare, 155 cm high, Esmeralda was born in 2004. Thanks to her easy going and relaxed character she is a suitable for children and the beginner rider. Although she occasionaly tastes the plants she finds on her way,  she is always obedient and careful with her rider. She loves to play in the river and you will really enjoy riding her. Absolutely unafraid of anything, she is perfect for beginners, for those simply striking for pleasure on horseback in Tuscany's nature. 





Gina is our smallest and oldest horse. She was born at our stables 25 years ago and has been one of our best trail horses with an extremly forward going character. Now she enjoys a more quiet life on the yards, joining a short ride from time to time. Given her friendly character we use her also for walking with the youngest cowboys.



Top Gun


Chestnut coloured Top Gun  is one of our oldest horses, but he is still full of energy and one would never guess his real age of 20. He has been with us for many years and knows all details of any trail in the whole region. Besides he is also a great teacher for children or beginner riders. His best friend is Esmeralda and you can recognize him for his white socks on every leg. 






Narcisio was born in 2008. For his special high movements he is more suitable for advanced riders. His steps in trot are high and long, for get into gallop he needs stronger support from his rider. Loves to go in front with our guides as well as gallop very fast. He always listens to his rider and is also very friendly and easygoing with the other horses.






Indiana is a 17 year old powerful, friendly and trustable girl in any circumstance. Nothing will prevent her from carrying the rider where he guides her.