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42 km from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: Follonica is the modern center of the coast, thanks to its convenient tourist facilities.  In the summer, Follonica city and its beaches are crowded with Italian and foreign tourists who have come to soak in the sun, do some shopping, and eat tradition Tuscan seafood. 


Follonica is one of the seaside towns of the area. Its origins are fairly recent, and the story is mainly focused on foundries. In 1834 Leopold II of Tuscany, he built here the Royal foundries, whose remains one of the main attractions of the city. Follonica houses the Museum of Cast Iron, located in the former Ilva, which is the "neighborhood" that was once hosted foundries; The entrance to 'Ilva is characterized Cast Iron Gate, which is also one of the most important monuments and landmarks. Follonica, located in the middle of the gulf, its namesake, is a half very nice beach and easy to get; and well-equipped it is considered one of the most important seaside resorts of the Maremma. The location offers a view of the entire gulf, which extends from Punta Ala to Piombino with Elba Island in front. Surrounded by the sea and by the Metallifere hills, Follonica is rich in culture, beautiful beaches and a very wild night life, given the presence of several outdoor evening events and discos.


Situated on a broad gulf, there are great views from Punta Ala in the south-east to Piombino in the Northwest. Elba island is also visible and reachable by ferry. Follonica Carnival is well worth a visit.



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