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50 km from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany Siena always attracts many tourists because of its wonderful monuments and its numerous museum masterpieces.



Some great artists were born in Siena, including Duccio di Boninsegna and Nicola Pisano, who worked on the greatest masterpiece of Siena: the Duomo.


Some of the many masterpieces to admire in Siena are the Duomo, which is set in the Campo, Siena's red-bricked main square; the wonderful landscape of Facciatone; the hall of Pellegrinaio in Santa Maria della Scala; the Piccolomini library; the prestigious Accademy Chigiana; and the wide rooms in Fortezza Medicea that hide the rarest wines in Siena, in Tuscany and in the peninsula.


Its historical importance and its beauty arouse a profound interest in tourists, visiting it will remain enraptured. Its structure and architecture are typically medieval, like some of the festivals that are celebrated, among the most famous is the Palio di Siena is an equestrian competition that compares the different contrade (subdivisions of the city, in this case 17) in a race which takes place two times a year, on July 2 and August 16. The Palio is held in the most beautiful and most famous square, Piazza del Campo, the shell-shaped and surrounded by buildings of great beauty such as: The Town Hall with his side the Torre del Mangia; The Fonte Gaia, which was the first public source of the city whose original reliefs were then replaced with copies. Among the most beautiful architectural works we find the CATHEDRAL of Siena, located in the square; The white marble facade is divided into 2 parts, the lower part was built by Giovanni Pisano in Roman-Gothic style, while the upper part was built by Camaino of Creswell. Inside the church there are two holy water fonts in Carrara marble, made by Antonio Federighi between 1458 and 1467. The walls of the city, mostly dating from the medieval period, it has been largely preserved as the input ports, which currently allow access to the old part of town. Siena is also one of the most important university cities of the Tuscan region, in fact in 1240 was opened the University of Siena, which remains one of the oldest universities in Europe.



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