Nature Reserve Bandite di Scarlino

Protected natural area Scarlino


50 km from Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: The reserve consists of an intact Kustenstrich in the south of Follonica that belongs to the regional agricultural and forestry state farm, Bandite di Scarlino.

Great hiking and biking trails. The hills running parallel to the coast (Poggio la Guardia, Poggio Sentinel) are almost completely forested. Oak forests and Mediterranean coppice prevail.


The Bandite di Scarlino, a Natural Protected Area of Local Interest to include a hilly and coastal ecosystem with an extension of approximately 6000 hectares, stretching from the Swamp of Scarlino until the dell'Alma flat.

The hilly territory constitutes an appendix to the metalliferous hills of Grosseto, which also takes in the Tyrrhenian Sea form the promontory of the Gulf of Follonica.

The promontory Bandite instead stands between the port of Scarlino and that the strut, thus giving rise to a high rocky coast and mainly, on which is located Cala Martina: it is a small bay enclosed by two promontories, characterized for beaches jagged and clear waters. A little further south we find Cala Violina, characterized by an extremely fine white sand, which creates a very picturesque scenery.

Surrounded by forests of oak and Mediterranean scrub, the area and populated by cows and Maremma bulls and you have the opportunity to attend major horse shows. The D'Maremma Butteri Association often run into this area shows how the sbrancamento of calves, the simulation of the "merca", the carousel and various training and trials riding skills.


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