Beach Cala Violina

Cala Violina


The beach at Cala Violina, a sandy inlet of great beauty, received awards from the Legambiente (Environmental Association) for being one of the eleven most beautiful beaches in Italy.


Enclosed between two headlands, the bay is characterized by extremely fine white sand and seabed of rare beauty, with fish of various sizes, visible through the clear water particularly transparent. Awarded by Legambiente, the Cala has become part of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy. Its beauty and the crystallinity of the water can be attributed to the Posidonia Oceanica, which plays a key role in preventing coastal erosion and encourage the oxygenation of the water. Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, the beach is not accessible by car; There is a large car park to leave the car, and then walk (about 30 minutes), giving the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the forests of the Nature Reserve. In case you do not feel like walking, you can also bike to the beach. La Macchia offers shelter during the hottest hours and is equipped with picnic tables. Its rare beauty and favorable location make Cala Violina one looking and the typically tropical features beach, but set in a Mediterranean district nothing short of breathtaking. A few times a year, we come here with the horses to ride along the beach and to enjoy playing with the horses in the water.


Cala Violina is hidden by two headlands and is characterized by its fine white sand, particularly transparent water, and natural setting. The seabed is composed of the Poseidon Oceanic and large sandstone rocks. Here, one can see fish of all different sizes and colors.

The Poseidon Oceanic seaweed is also found here and carries out an important role against erosion of the coast, and is also responsible for oxygenating and cleaning the water when it becomes cloudy after sea storms. At Cala Violina, there are picnic tables and benches hidden amongst the scrubland.

The name of the beach comes from the special fine white sand that, when one walks on it with bare feet, produces a kind of “suono di violino”, or violin music. The coastal area is surrounded by green landscape formed by a dense Mediterranean scrubland.


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