Hot Spring Calidario di Venturina

Calidario of Venturina


55 km from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: The Calidario is a small lake with a natural hot water spring at 36 degrees celcius gushing directly into the lake/pool with an average flow rate of about 12,000 litres per minute. Immersed in this old pool at 36 degrees, the water stimulates well-being.


People from different periods in time have sought warmth and solace in this hot spring, leaving traces of their passage on the banks of the Calidario.


The spa is located in the Val di Cornia it has been known since Etruscan and Roman times. The waters of the spa are full of sulfur and alkalis. Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Calidario bathrooms you will be enveloped by an enveloping relief and well-being for your body and mind.


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