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17/06/18:  HIDDEN CORNERS OF SASSO PISANO: At 10 am we start an unusual walk to discover the hidden corners of Sasso Pisano. The guided tour includes the termal and archeological site “Bagnone” and an educational tour of the fumaroles. Meet us at the tourist office at 9.50 am Via dei Lagoni. The participation is free of charge.


08/5/17  TREKKING LA SCAMPOGGIATA: Come to the festival of the geothermal energy of the 2 villages Monterotondo Marittima and Sasso Pisano. Meeting at 9.30 in Monterotondo Marittimo in the square Ateo Casalini. Length 6.6 km, altitude: 310 m; Difficulty: moderate. Also in Sasso Pisano the meeting point is the main square of the village at 9.30. Length 6.6 km; Altitude: 300 m; Difficulty: moderate. Lunch will be organized by the organization "la Fumarola di Sasso Pisano" in cooperation with the "Comunità del Cibo ad energy rinnovabili" and other companies in the region.


13/3/16: TREKKING in the Maremma Natural Park: During all Spring / Summer season, starting on March 13 March, the cooperative Le Orme organizes the guided hike through the Maremma Park. The start is scheduled for 8 am in the Visitor Center Alberese. From there we go with some cars to Talamon, where the trekking from Talamone to Alberese begins. The route is about 22 km long and will show you the fantastic scenery of the Maremma Park. Wonderfull impressions and emotions are waiting. The walk is done with a minimum of 10 to maximum 40 participants. A reservation is needed, the cost of the guided trekking is 30 Euro. Dates: March 13 April 10 May 8 June 12, September 11, October 9. Information and reservations: Maremma Park Visitor Center Alberese, Tel 0564 407098 or 0564 416276 Le Orme and 349 6524411.


8/8/16: HIKING ON 6 FEET: On saturday at 9:30 we invite you to participate on the trekking on 6 feet. Every participant will guide a horse for which he has to care about for the duration of the walk. Accompanied by an expert Trekking and Equestrian Guide you will walk along gently sloping path. This is a unique way to get a close contact to the horses and learn about their behaviour. You can also have a horse riding lesson afterwards.


7/25/16 Photosafari: Saturday at 9 am Join us for the first Photo Safari in the nature reserve Gerfalco. The nature walk in the company of the environmental guide takes us to the ridge of the Cornate where everyone will go chasing the perfect shot. The tour is open to all types of photographic tool, including smartphones. Shooting more beautiful will be the cover of our Facebook page for one week.


7/19/16 Urban Orienteering in GERFALCO: Sunday from 10 to 12 We are waiting to learn the techniques of orientation while having fun! The maps and compasses are provided by us. Reservations required at 0566/997024.


7/12/16:  Urban Orienteering in Montieri: The participants, divided into groups and using maps and compasses will have to reach the goal, seeking the points set. This will be done in the center of Montieri. An engaging way to familiarize yourself with maps and compasses and knowing the center of the country! At the end we are waiting for a small tasting of local products at the Tourist Office.


7/8/16:  Guided walking: The WEDNESDAY 'July 8 propose a TREKKING GUIDED OF BIANCANE to the geological site. The meeting point is at the information point of the park. Please book by 18.00 on Tuesday. For foreign tourists, the tour will be made in English.


7/1/16:  HIKING TO BIANCANE: Wednesday, July 1 at 16:00 you can participate in guided trekking to the geological site Biancane. The cost will be € 7 for adults and € 5 for children. The meeting point and at the info point of the park. For foreign tourists the tour will be made in English. 30/05/15 GUIDED TOUR TO BIANCANE: The Saturday, May 30, on the Day of Little Big Italy, will start at 10 am a free guided tour on the trail of Biancane about two hours accompanied by an Environmental Guide. They recommend comfortable clothing, closed shoes or hiking and water gymnastics. Please book by calling the Tourist Office Monterotondo Maritime: 0566917039.


5/30/16:  Explore Maremma Walking Festival will take place from May 30 to June 7. Await nature walks free, with hiking guide, in some of the most evocative of Tuscany. On May 30 and planned a trek archaeological - naturalistic looking for "Ghost town of Castro." Crossing Castro, the ancient capital of the Duchy, it was an independent state to 'internal state of the Church and the ideal city in the Renaissance. After the destruction, Castro has lost his memory and the power of nature has almost erased the traces: there remain the ruins, where roaming foxes and badgers that occupy what once were the cellars of the palaces.


5/24/16: Bike tour in the Maremma Park "Maremma in bike" proposes the route Alberese - Collelungo beach - Grand Duchy's woodland - Marina di Alberese. We start from the Visitor Center Alberese for a distance of approximately 26 km. Duration: 6 hours. Difficulty: Easy. You enter into the heart of the Park with a visit to the tower Castelmarino, continue to the Collelungo beach along the road of Olives, short stop on the wild beach and pristine and then through the Pineta Granducale along the road until Pinastrellaia get to Marina di Alberese. Stop for swimming and free lunch (or packed in one of the kiosks in the woods), continue by the mouth of the river Ombrone to shed sighting and return to Alberese in the afternoon along the bike path. The bikes can be hired by us or customers can bring their own.


24/5/15 VII Day of Mines G & T: Sunday, May 24 takes place "The path of the Trenches Mining" in Gerfalco near Montieri. The excursion geological-mining on Cornate Gerfalco is edited by Prof. Giancarlo Pagani DSFTA the University of Siena. We recommend to book a few days in advance. Participation is free and the meeting point is at 09:30 in front of the restaurant "Da Chainsaw" in Gerfalco.


5/17/15  VISIT of the lake Lago D'Accesa: At 15.30 at the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima Atlas of amphibians in the province of Grosseto has the 6th book "Notebooks of Protected Areas". After the presentation we visit in the company of Marco Porciani Lake dell'Accesa to learn about the natural habitat of amphibians.


5/19/15 TREKKING on the island PIANOSA: The prohibited island of the Tuscan Archipelago, the most known and most fascinating shows off its beautiful sunrises of the island untouched and lonely. With the ability to stay on this island, which is Integral Reserve of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, you can enjoy this natural treasure priceless. The island has no inhabitants but is served by a branch of the prison of Porto Azzurro. It has a rich historical and archaeological heritage, an interesting architectural structure and a wild and exuberant both on land and at sea. During these three days "out of time and the world," we can see the most spectacular corners of the Reserve and immerse ourselves in a real aquarium, swimming between Groupers, Fins, Spirographis and Nudibranchs.


03/08/15 Guided trekking and MTB tour: "Discovering the ancient railways Metalliferous Hills": An itinerary renewed, beyond provincial boundaries, is what FIAB Grosseto ciclabile offers for the edition 2015 of the eighth day dedicated to recovery the sediments of the disused railways. The itinerary, which combines the two most important tracks of the former railway of the mining area of ​​the Metalliferous Hills; Railway Follonica-Massa Marittima and the old railway Coal, that from the hinterland of the Maremma, on the border between the towns of Suvereto, Follonica and Massa Marittima, linked the lignite mines to the coast. In this fascinating mtb tour you will rightfully put the area of ​​alum quarries Interprovincial Park of Montioni. A Montieri you will also develop an itinerary of trekking to the accompaniment of a guide, the discovery of a one mining area of ​​Montioni. Discover the ancient railways Metalliferous Hills, a true journey of memory, where mountain biking and hiking become tools for a rereading of the history and culture of Tuscany.